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Jeunesse LIVE™ Replay – March 18, 2017

Mar 20, 2017

Every Saturday, join Senior Director of Digital Strategy Cassiah Jay online at Jeunesse Global Google Hangouts or Jeunesse Global’s Facebook Live stream.

This week, Cassiah was joined by ZEN Bodi® Brand Ambassador Mark Macdonald.

Watch the replay for:

  • Complete details on events around the world in the coming week
  • More about the North American Education Series happening every Tuesday in four languages
  • Follow up on the exciting launch of Jeunesse Preferred in North America

ZEN BODI Updates
The ZEN BODI® System is a sophisticated weight management system that uses top quality ingredients. We are excited to announce:

  • Our latest launch of ZEN in Chile
  • The upcoming launch of ZEN in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji
  • We’re hoping to launch ZEN in 20--30 additional countries around the world in the next year

Brand Ambassador and international best-selling author Mark Macdonald is excited about the fast-paced growth of ZEN around the world.

“We live in such a small world. We’re all connected, and we can impact people’s lives no matter where we live.”

What is ZEN Project
ZEN Project 8® is our system of weight management products, coupled with easy-to-follow steps that help people of all ages and body types learn to manage weight the right way with proper nutrition and lifestyle habits.

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ZEN Philosophy
The basic philosophy of the ZEN system is: not dieting

”You are what you metabolize.”
Mark Macdonald

As Mark Macdonald explains, ZEN is designed for people with busy lives, to help anyone fill in nutritional gaps. The ZEN system incorporates a balance of Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates (PFCs) into a schedule of eating every three hours -- that’s why we call it “PFC Every 3!"

ZEN Products
ZEN Fuze®: This cutting-edge formula is all-natural, gluten free and soy protein free, and includes a unique blend of whey proteins and micellar casein, along with five strains of probiotics and five grams of fiber to slow digestion and keep you feeling full about two hours longer than other protein shakes.

ZEN Prime®: Used during the first week of the ZEN Project 8 program -- the DETOX Phase -- ZEN Prime is the product that helps cut out bloat and flush toxins. Prime contains milk thistle, which helps cleanse the liver, the body’s natural filter for toxins, as well as a plant-based digestive enzyme blend to help flush your digestive system.

ZEN Shape®:Used during the three-week-long IGNITE Phase of the ZEN Project 8 program, ZEN Shape is a metabolism booster that helps keep you satisfied longer between meals with ingredients to help regulate hormones associated with hunger and satisfaction.

ZEN Fit™: Used during the THRIVE Phase of the ZEN Project 8 program, this supplement will maximize your body’s ability to burn fat with unique amino acid blends that help protect and build lean body mass.

ZEN Project 8 Facebook Group
Our members-only forum of nearly 15,000 people, visit the ZEN Project 8 Facebook page to find delicious, healthy recipes, get questions answered and connect with people who are revolutionizing their bodies and lives with ZEN.

Traveling with ZEN
Anyone who travels knows how hard it can be to eat healthy and exercise when on the road. Make it easier by prepping your travel bag. Make your health a priority and take the time to pack appropriate snacks when you’re on the road.

It’s simple, says Mark Macdonald. Make sure you understand that you need easy access to in-between snacks, and make the time to fill in the meal gaps and stay ahead of the curve.

Mobile Readiness Food Kit (MRFK)
Mark shares his top three tips for healthy eating when you’re on the go:

  • Have a bag or cooler to carry food with you.
  • Don’t leave yourself open to eating whatever is available.
  • Prepare your favorite grab-and-go proteins, fats and carbs.

One of the best ways to organize your MRFK is to check the ZEN Project 8 Guides. For each Phase of the system, the Guide lists common foods and helps you determine how you can easily eat PFC Every 3.

Prepare in advance. It’s the key to winning.

Getting a Beach-Ready Summer Body Without Fad Diets
Lastly, Cassiah asked Mark the question that’s on everyone’s minds: How can we get that beach-season body this summer without resorting to “fad” or “crash” diets?

As Mark explains, April is really the month when people start getting ready for summer. He encourages everyone to do three things to kick off their “Summer Shape-up Challenge”:

  • Improve 1% per day. Implement the concept (right now!) that you are going to improve your health by 1% every day. Maybe you sleep for three more minutes or exercise for an additional five minutes. Maybe you eat two more bites of green vegetables than you did yesterday. Whatever it is, accept small changes in your day-to-day, and realize that they compound over time.
  • Experience ZEN Project 8. With the three phases to help you DETOX, IGNITE and THRIVE, it only takes eight weeks to implement these in-depth educational materials and world-class products.
  • Make health a way of life. Once you’re in the THRIVE Phase, your life has changed. Continue to use the tools you’ve developed within yourself by inspiring and teaching others how to make the most of this life-changing system.

Find Your ‘Why’

ZEN Project 8 is not just a North American health movement. It’s a global health movement. We are on a mission to end what Mark Macdonald calls “the dieting menace.” We want to provide people hope that they can have the fit body and good health that allow them to become their very best.

As Mark says, every person needs to be clear on why they want to make their health a priority. Having a clear “why” can be the strongest motivator for an individual’s success.

“Ask yourself: Why does your health really matter? For me, my health matters so that I can be the best dad. So I can play soccer with my son, so I can play with my new baby girl, so I can have fun with my wife at the end of a long day. I want to be the best man, the best father, the best husband and the best person I can be. Choose yourself as a priority, and get ready to say: ‘Next level, here I come!’ ”

Watch the Entire Discussion